Snapping Hip



Most common

- fascia lata on greater trochanter

- iliopsoas on lesser trochanter


1.  Intra-articular structures

- labrum

- ligamentum Teres

- loose bodies

- synovial chondromatosis

- osteochondoma


2.  Extra-articular structures

- fascia lata on greater trochanter (common) 

- iliopsoas on lesser trochanter / iliopectineal eminence 

- long head biceps femoris over ischial tuberosity

- iliofemoral ligament over femoral head


Iliotibial Band over GT




Usually painless

Can often be produced voluntarily




Hip flexion and internal rotation causes readily palpable snapping sensation

- tight iliotibial band subluxates over the greater trochanter




Majority of patients no treatment required

- rest

- iliotibial band stretching exercises

- NSAIDS +/- local corticosteroid injections



- rare persistent cases 

- elliptical resection of the iliotibial band over the greater trochanter + greater trochanteric bursectomy 


Iliopsoas Tendon



- snapping sensation felt in the groin as the hip is extended from a flexed position

- palpated as the supine patient extends the hip from a position of flexion / abduction & external rotation




Non operative as above



- resistant cases

- psoas lengthening

- resection prominence of lesser trochanter

- psoas division (can be done arthroscopically)